water fountain is the soul of esparindo


Esparindo is the forefront in water fountain with a lot of experience and technical expertise in design, engineering & installation of water fountain in Indonesia.

Experience is very important in business. Esparindo has been involved in trading and engineering since 1995. We have experienced sales and engineering staff in water fountain technology.

Beside experience, an expertise needs to be supported with knowledge that are up to date with the latest technology. A great design is useless if it can not be realized. Thus, it is very important to have full knowledge of water fountain products and also mastery of hydraulic science to make sure the design can be realized.

Supported by water fountain principal manufacturers from all over the world ensures that Esparindo is the leader for water fountain in Indonesia.

In Esparindo, we supply the latest products, posses technical expertise and engineering knowledge for water fountain. Who else would you trust to handle water fountain beside Esparindo?


Spectacular water fountains in every suitable locations


  • Provide high quality and durable water fountain equipments
  • Reliable sales and technical teams
  • Innovative fountain technology and design
  • Excellent after-sales service

Our Goods and Service

We supply a variety of products and services to client that include:

  1. Supply of water fountain equipments such as nozzles, illuminations, pumps, electrical panels and dancing fountain systems
  2. Consultation of water fountain equipments supplied by Esparindo
  3. Design, animation & consultation service for water fountain project
  4. Design, animation & installation service for large scale water fountain project


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Spectacular water fountains in every suitable locations