Q: Where do all Esparindo water fountain products originate from? Are all the products have proven quality?

A: Esparindo water fountain products originated and fabricated in Europe and USA. We also supply products from Asia with proven quality. All water fountain products sold by Esparindo are supplied by the leading warter fountain companies specialised in water fountain. Rest assured that the quality of our water fountain products are excellent.

Q: Can I buy your water fountain products in retail?

A: You can. No matter whether you just want to buy water fountain nozzle, water fountain pump or other water fountain equipments, our products are available for retail sales.

Q: I have a very limited budget. Can Esparindo supply me with inexpensive or local made water fountain products? I do not want to buy expensive products.

A: We would advise not to use local products because those products are usually made in small workshops. The production process is very simple, it does not go through accurate engineering process and good quality control, hence, the water spray will be unattractive, imprecise and inconsistent.

We assure you that the pricing for our water fountain products are very competitive.

Q: Do you provide consulting service for water fountain project planning and budgeting?

A: We can provide water fountain project planning and budgeting, however, we concentrate more on our existing project instead of consultation service. If required, we offer our service for project planning and budgeting depending on the scale of the water fountain project.

Q: I have a plan to get water fountain installed. How can I get a quotation from Esparindo?

A: For water fountain project, we need to look at the project data and need to know if you already have a design for the fountain. We also need to know whether you only need water fountain equipments and system or including the design.

If you already have the design, please show or send us the design. Our sales team supported by the design & engineering department will look into it to see whether the design is feasible or not. If it is feasible, we will prepare you the quotation.

If you do not have any design yet, we can provide you with the concept design of the water fountain.

Q: What type of data do I need to provide for project inquiry?

A: The required data are as the following:

  • Project name & location
  • Budget information
  • Latest photo of the location for water fountain installation
  • Illustrations for the water fountain concept & design when available
  • Required water fountain model (type)
  • Layout & structural schematics complete with dimensional information of the water fountain basin when available