Water fountain animation service

Esparindo can provide water fountain animation service to the clients. The water fountain animation is simulated based from 3D gaming engine that calculates various physical factor to create a natural and realistic water fountain animation.


Any type of animation starting from static water fountain, synhcronized water fountain up to musical water fountain is available in our company Esparindo. We will make it happen for you.

Water fountain with special effects such as laser show, waterscreen for movies, or even pyrotechnics, we at Esparindo is ready to combine it in our water fountain animation show.

Animasi air mancur - 1.jpg

realistic water fountain simulation

By the combination and calculations of multicore CPU & GPU’s it is possible to simultaneously simulate hundreds of fountains. Several physical settings like wind, gravitation, reflection and refraction are also presented in real time.

It is possible for the animation to import of 3D models in familiar 3D formats (Cinema4D, 3Dmax, AutoCAD). Terrains, plants, water surfaces, clouds to create realistic fountain simulation.


settings of the water fountain animation will match with the fountain show

The settings of water fountain effects in the animation will match with the movement of the water fountain show. The control system of the animation will make it possible to synchronize itself with the computer that control the fountain movement on-site.


Example of realistic water fountain animation that mimic natural water spray can be seen from the video below.